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TREE ENERGY is a forward-looking developing company focused on the new green power technologies. We have been on the market since 2013.
We smartly use the power of wind, sun, and water resources of rivers given to us by nature to transform it into electric power required for human activities.
It is a renewable, green, and almost free energy. The entire world is taking the path of transformation and transition in this direction.
We use the up-to-date and reliable engineering solutions which ensure effective power generation.
The head office of TREE ENERGY is in Kazakhstan, in the very center of the Eurasian continent. Our products are available at the markets of other countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, UAE, the Russian Federation. We keep expanding to new markets through distributors and dealers.


The Company’s in-house unique design are vertical wind turbines with the total capacity from 1 kW/h to 10 kW/h. Installation of several generators of this type ensures generation of electric power up to 1 mW/h.
With wind turbines being our main manufacture, we also assemble hybrid power plants generating electric power using two sources − solar/wind power plants of various types and designs that ensure total generation of power from 1 kW/h to 100 kW/h. Such installations solve the problem of power supply for remote facilities located far from power lines, but this is just one example.
The fields where TREE ENERGY wind and solar/wind power plants can be used include:
•    Residential houses, business centers, buildings and facilities of various purposes;
•    Agriculture, greenhouse and agro-industrial facilities;
•    Oil and gas fields, rotation camps of exploration and mining companies;
•    Military facilities, border guard services, and emergency services;
•    Backup power sources for telecommunication equipment and communication lines.
These are only those fields where our Company is already operating. It takes just a customer wish to apply these solutions in any other sector. We can develop a general engineering solution tailored for YOU!
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