The Subsidy Rules and the procedure for compensation for the part of the costs associated with investment in agro-industrial facilities have been established in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan Law “State Regulation of Development of Agro-Industrial Sector and Rural Territories” dated July 8, 2005.

Such facilities as farm households are entitled to a compensation for a part of the costs incurred for investment.

Our Company offers solutions for your facilities!

Many farm households are located away from cities and cannot be connected to the power grid. Our Company can install solar or hybrid solar/wind power plants with the capacity up to 10 kW! You will not have to pay any utility bills using such equipment. During the installation, our specialists consider all the equipment that will be using the electric power and calculate the exact capacity of the power plant.

Our plants will supply power for:

  • Household needs
    • - lighting
    • - fridge
    • - telephone
    • - TV
    • - computer
    • - hair dryer, iron, etc.
  • Water pump

The subsidy program makes it possible to receive up to 80% compensation of your investment from the government! For this you need to:

  • Check out our catalog on the website;
  • Contact our specialists to prepare a detailed estimate;
  • Sign a contract for a power plant for your facility;
  • Apply for subsidy;
  • Receive the compensation.

The Subsidy Rules are available here.